What is nitrogen inflation?

At Essex Tyre Company Ltd, we are concerned with every aspect of tyre efficiency. For this reason we offer nitrogen inflation.

An important part of how your vehicle's tyres perform is the method of their inflation. Most tyres are inflated with compressed air, which can lead to a wide number of issues. We offer a pure nitrogen inflation service. We use the high quality inflation technology of Uniflate, which has been used for the inflation of every Formula 1 tyre since 1992.

Advantages of nitrogen

Because nitrogen permeates from your tyres at a tenth of the rate of compressed air, the effects on your vehicle will be much slower. This means that your vehicle will benefit from superior on-road handling, a reduction of up to 5% in fuel consumption and an increase of up to 25% in tyre life span. Nitrogen inflation is also environmentally friendly, significantly reducing your C02 emissions.

What risk can be avoided?

The advantage of pure nitrogen inflation is fairly simple: compressed air is 79% nitrogen, which leaves 21% of impurities. Oxygen and water vapour contained within compressed air leak through tyres. This causes a decrease in pressure and can cause corrosion in the long run. This in turn placed more strain on the vehicle and increases running costs. But using pure nitrogen, these problems are averted.

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